Thursday, January 19, 2012

Escaping Reality

You’re tired, exhausted and need to recharge. What do you do? For the Tatum family, the answer is easy. It includes your most comfortable pair of jeans, a thirty minute drive on a back road, a quick stop for an orange soda, land for miles and a cabin with a tin roof. The Tatum Farm, in small town Alabama, is more than a place. It’s a state of being. It’s an escape from daily stresses and an opportunity to rediscover the peace that comes by simply surrounding yourself in nature.

I tell you all of this to introduce to you our new brand, logo and identity for the cutting board business. I’ve taken you through our decision to live out of a suitcase and our new business venture with custom wooden cutting boards. So it’s on to the next step- creating a business identity. First we set the boundaries. Here is what we decided to look for in a name:
  1. a memory- something that would remind us of something personal (an experience, an object, a time, etc.)
  2. a connection- we want a name that can resonate with others
  3. a bridge - the name needs to connect back to the sawmill, trees and ultimatly the cutting boards
  4. an essence- we want the name to capture the authenticity of the boards
Hmmmm…. days and days passed with ideas coming and going. One four hour road trip was dedicated fully to names and reminiscing on great times. The process was fun, interesting and exhausting. We went through several names and then several logos, but knew instantly that the name and brand we landed on represented all we had hoped it would. It’s a piece of our lives, and a theme we hope you will embrace.


The past few weeks have been an adventure and I cannot express my gratitude to you for your support. It brings me such joy to hear your comments and feedback. Encouragement and support was displayed in abundance from dear friends and family during our recent trip to my hometown of Ozark, AL. I am now experiencing that same support during my time in Mobile. Thank you!

So today, I invite you down an old road to escape reality with us. Sorry, no cell phone service here. Just a few rocking chairs under a tin roof. 


  1. Great name and I really like the logo. I'm excited to see where it goes!! Good luck!

  2. Love the logo...I think I could use some time in a rocking chair under a tin roof :) Good luck..Lots of love <3 , Susan Judah